Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to Community Conversations

Community Conversations is a weekly radio show  that airs Saturday's at 10am on WTBN AM 570 & 910 in the Tampa Bay area or you can stream it live at www.bayword.com.  The show is hosted by The TRIO, Dr. B. Lee Green, Sean Dickerson, and Michael Dove - quality of life is our mission; health is our focus.

Community Conversations emphasizes the “Health and Wellness” mission of 100 BMTB; to increase health awareness by educating the public about the health disparities affecting  African American communities.   To achieve this goal, 100 BMTB identifies key partnerships to assist with educating the general public and African American communities about the growing health concerns and disparities in the Tampa Bay region.  100 BMTB’s first partnership to accomplish their “Health and Wellness” objective is with the Florida Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS).  Having a viable standing partnership with Florida’s ACS allowed the emergence of Community Conversations.  Through the Florida Division’s community education grant opportunity, 100 BMTB received funding for its unique vision to widely broadcast cancer awareness messages among the African American community.  Additional collaboration from the Moffitt Cancer Center and the Center for Equal Health, enables 100 BMTB to strengthen its health education focus towards African American men concerning colorectal cancer and other types of cancers.

So check us out every Saturday and let us know what you want to hear on Community Conversations with The TRIO!