Tuesday, May 15, 2012

While on break...

This short break from Community Conversations has taught us something very important...man we miss our listeners! Although it was a necessary break as we had to get some family, school, and personal commitments in order, it was odd not waking up and heading down to the studio on Saturday morning. No phone calls and research into the late evening to line up guests. No cracking jokes during production meetings making the meeting last much longer than it should and all of us getting the "where are you?" call...all so we can provide a quality driven 2 hours of information and interaction with you, our loyal listeners... good times!

The wait will soon be over as we gear up for an expanded format beginning in June! We are very excited to bring Community Conversations back and appreciate all the feedback and love we have received during this time off. We couldn't incorporate it all but we heard everything so keep it coming. Don't want to give it all away but there is a lot of good 'ol and brand new edutainment, a spotlight where you help with the nomination, and the introduction of a brand new Doctor...that's just the first 10 minutes!!

Remember to keep in touch with us on Facebook: Community Conversations - The TRIO; Youtube: TheCCTRIO3; Twitter - TheCCTRIO. Stay tuned!

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