Friday, July 27, 2012

"Community Conversations" goes Global with Social Media

It is amazing how social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become incredibly popular over the past few years.  I have even increased my use of these tools because of my work and the radio show. It has been estimated that Facebook will reach over 1 billion users by this August; you read that right…1 billion users by this August.  That translates to about 14% of the world’s population.  Oh, and Twitter is blowing up as well.  There are over 300 million messages that are tweeted each day.  Can you imagine the amount of information that is communicated with over 300 million tweets a day?  You have to admit, finding out that you are drinking a cup of coffee at the local coffee house is information that we can probably do without – but it is information.  The power of these tools cannot be underestimated.  People from every segment of the population are using these social media tools to get information and share information.  As you recall from our last blog about the use of social media, these tools are even invading the healthcare field as people are using it to share health information. 

The TRIO is not fighting this trend; well you may not see us tweet about our colonoscopy but we using these tools to get information out to the community.  So be on the look out for our Facebook posts and tweets.  We want to encourage all of our fans and listeners to follow our social media messages and re-tweet or share the information with your followers.  As we say on the show:  We want to have conversations that make a difference in the community. 

So like us on Facebook, follow our tweets, check us out on YouTube, or visit our website.  If it is information you want – we have it. 

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