Saturday, August 18, 2012

Political Ad or Subtract

Unless you've been under a rock and you are just coming out to read this post, then you've undoubtedly heard ads that bash the other candidates in many political races.  Before it was just the candidate's camp that would spearhead the bulk of the attacks but now with the continued popularity of PACs and Super PACs, the attack ads have been coming fast and furious.  Here are a couple of ads that have been running.


The question is, do these ads truly add value to the political conversation or simply subtract from the real issues at hand?  Candidates are constantly seeking an edge in an environment where it seems the issues take a back seat to a 'sound bite' that is used to attack the other candidate.  And political party doesn't make a difference so don't try to use the "they started it first" argument as any type of justification.  All we want to know is, does the 'attack ads' actually persuade, influence, or nudge your decision or do the ads even matter at all?

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